Saturday, January 19, 2013

Mercedes-Benz GLK 350 2013: Finally A 4-Cylinder Turbodiesel

The Mercedes-Benz GLK 350 is marketed at home since 2010. When the German manufacturer has placed on the market, has been criticized the poor quality of materials used in the interior. And finally, in 2013, despite its relatively low price of $ 44 900, it really feels to ride in a vehicle that is in the $ 60,000. Exit the hard plastics, and welcome to the high quality materials and wall of wood and aluminum. Dimensions, however, have not changed.

Mechanical s of Mercedes-Benz GLK 350 2013

The GLK now offers two models: the GLK 250 and GLK 350. The first, to be marketed in the fall, received a 4-cylinder engine with BlueTEC diesel biturbo DOHC head of 2.1 liters that develops a power of 190 hp at 4200 rpm. If this power may seem limited, it is interesting to note that the 4-cylinder GLK 250 produces a torque of 369 lb-ft between 1600 and 1800 rpm, which corresponds to almost 100 lb-ft more than the V6 3.5-liter GLK 350.
And while we’re talking about the Mercedes-Benz GLK 350 2013 V6 gets a 3.5-liter dual overhead cam head and direct fuel injection with a power of 302 hp at 6500 rpm. His marriage, he totaled 273 lb-ft between 3500 and 5250 rpm. In both cases, Mercedes-Benz uses a gearbox 7-speed automatic with manual mode and paddle shifters behind the wheel.

Behavior of Mercedes-Benz GLK 350 2013

The suspension of the Mercedes-Benz GLK 350 2013 has been revised for a little more rigidity. The vehicle now uses electric steering that does not really offer better feedback than the old hydraulic steering. The driving experience is under the sign of the quality, silence and strength.
In terms of fuel consumption, the Mercedes-Benz GLK 350 2013 has improved compared to last year. In addition to direct fuel injection and electric power steering, the Mercedes-Benz GLK 350 2013 now benefits from the stop-start technology, which allows it to display fuel consumption between 9.7 and 12.3 liters per 100 kilometers, and with the drive.

The To review, in our opinion! There is also an adaptive cruise control him, surprised by its effectiveness. And in fact, all the controls are well placed and very ergonomic. The Mercedes-Benz GLK 350 2013 can also park alone. Regarding the rest, it is well equipped.
The Mercedes-Benz GLK 350 2013 has received some improvements. One has only to think of the power steering, the direct fuel injection and stop-start technology. And despite 34 additional horsepower, it is still cheaper than last year. And we can soon enjoy biturbo engine BlueTEC diesel 2.1 liter and torque of 369 lb-ft.

Mercedes-Benz GLK 350 2013  

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